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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have a mobile savings pass code from a SaveAround coupon book. How do I use this code to redeem my free subscription?
A. If you currently do not have a subscription please click “Sign Up” and indicate that you do have a code. Then enter your mobile savings code to redeem your free trial. If you already have a mobile subscription simply go into the settings of the app and click “extend membership”. From there you can enter your new code to redeem and extend your membership.

Q. When I enter a code how long will it extend my current subscription for?
A. Your subscription will extend by the term that your code is valid for. So if you have a year long account that expires in August of the current year but enter another year long code, before your current code expires, it will extend your subscription a year from when your first code was set to expire. If you enter multiple codes that have multiple terms it will have a cumulative effect and will continue to extend your subscription past the end date of the previous code you entered. If you are on an auto-renew subscription and you enter a code, your next payment will not be withdrawn until after your code expires.

Q. Why do my coupons state they are valid until December 31st however my app states it expires before that?
A. The app is a companion to the book, it does not replicate nor replace the book.  If you purchase a coupon book the promotion is to receive a one year digital subscription for free.  Your subscription to the app will begin the date you sign up and will continue for one year.  If you wish to purchase an additional subscription after your one year free trial has ended you may do so.  We offer subscriptions in months, quarters, semi annual or annual. 

Q. I renewed my subscription however it did not reset my offers, why?
A. When you enter an additional code into your SaveAround app, that code will extend your current subscription.  Adding a new code does not "renew" your coupons.  The app is a yearly based program, meaning, if you have already used the allotted number of coupons for a merchant for the year, you will not "get them back" by adding a new code.  This is to assist our merchants in knowing what they can expect from our program. If you extended your subscription mid year, you will see your coupons refresh on January 1 of the following year. 

  Q. Why can't I find this merchant that is in my book, on the app?
A. The App is a companion to your book, it does not replace nor replicate your book. You will find some merchants on the app that are not in the coupon book, you will find some merchants that are in both and you may find some merchants where they put one coupon offer in the book and a different coupon offer on the app and or online printable.

Q. Where can I find a list of merchants participating in this program?
A. Complete list of merchants with available offers can be found on the site under the browse button. You can also view merchants by category.

Q. How do I cancel my mobile app subscription or get information on billing, expiration date of my account, etc?
A: Please email us at from the email you created your account with. You may cancel your subscription at any time, and you will continue to have access to the Service through the end of your paid-for subscription period. WE DO NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS OR CREDITS FOR ANY PARTIAL SUBSCRIPTION PERIODS OR UNUSED COUPONS. TO CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION, SEND AN EMAIL TO app@SaveAround®.com OR CALL US AT 866.554.5061. IF YOU WISH TO CANCEL VIA EMAIL, PLEASE INCLUDE IN THE SUBJECT LINE THE WORDS “SUBSCRIPTION CANCELLATION.” Unless your subscription is exempt from automatic renewal, until you cancel, your subscription will automatically renew for the same term and at the same price (and your Payment Method will be billed for this price), subject to any changes that SaveAround® makes to the terms and prices of its subscriptions, as permitted under these Terms & Conditions.

Q. How many deals do I get per merchant?
A. The number of mobile redemptions you get per merchant varies by the merchant. Redemptions are tracked on an annual basis so after you use your redemptions for a calendar year they will not be repopulated or replaced until January of the following year.

Q. How does auto-renew work?
A. If you signed up for auto-renew without a code your account with be put on continuous auto-renew for the same term and corresponding rate that you subscribed for. If you subscribed for auto-renew with a code, your account will not be charged during that time but will auto-renew when your current code expires, and you will be auto-renewed (and your payment method charged) for the same term and corresponding rate as your initial code. Note: auto-renew is for mobile subscriptions only and will not auto-renew your physical coupon book. For complete information on auto-renew please visit our terms and conditions that can be found in the settings of your app.

Q: Can I support my school by registering my App" or "How do I apply credit to a group"?
A: Currently your book purchase is supporting your local group and organization. The app download and registration is an extra offering from the group to you.

Q. How do I redeem my mobile coupon?
A. When you are at the merchant location and ready to use your coupon, simply select "Redeem" from your mobile device and present the coupon to the merchant. The merchant will then verify the coupon is active by verifying your logo's are actively spinning and they may ask you to enter a confirmation number for them.

Q. I selected to email the coupon, however the email I received doesn't have a coupon?
A. The email you receive will contain a link. Depending on your device settings, that link is a hyperlink, meaning you can click on it and it will open a pdf file that downloads to your device so you may print it. If there is no hyperlink, you can copy that link and paste it into a web browser and it will then download for you.

Q. I selected Print Coupon and nothing happened?
A. When you print a coupon, depending on your computer settings, the coupon will either automatically open as a pdf viewable file or it may download to your computer. If the pdf file opened, you are then able to see the coupon and select Print to print to your local printer. If the coupon did not open, please locate the folder that houses your internet downloads and the file will be there. The file name will begin with the word Coupon followed by the year, month, day and time in numerics (e.g. Coupon-20190501115618).

Q. Why does my printed certificate expire in 14 days?
A. So we can alert our merchants of the offers they may expect to see coming in their doors, we must limit the days a printed certificate is valid for. The offer itself is valid until December 31 unless otherwise specified. However, once you print the certificate, that print out is only valid for 14 days.